Opinion Piece Outlines Steps To Ensure Children’s Needs Included In Global Development Agenda

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Children must not fall off the 2030 Development Agenda
Kailash Satyarthi, Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation and winner of Nobel Peace Prize

“…[W]hile in the last decades the world has made progress on many fronts, millions of children are still far from freedom, safety, and education. Last fortnight, when the world leaders gathered for a high-level U.N. summit in New York, they did not even mention them. … So, what exactly needs to be done? Firstly, enhancing financing for children is the need of the hour. U.N. estimates the cost of achieving the SDGs in trillions of dollars. Likewise, clear and adequate budget for achieving children-related goals should be chalked and implemented at national and global levels. … Secondly, a holistic approach in dealing with all children-related development goals is key for achieving the SDGs. … Thirdly, the world badly needs children rights champions at regional, national, and international levels. … Fourthly, denial of children’s rights, and violence perpetuated on children are crimes for which there are laws both at national and international levels, which should be enforced in letter and spirit. … Last but not the least, the world needs to realize that even one child trapped in slavery and violence is one too many…” (10/10).