Non-Clinical Circumcisions Pose Risks For Boys, Young Men In Sub-Saharan Africa

The Guardian: The death and deformity caused by male circumcision in Africa can’t be ignored
Ally Fogg, writer and journalist

“…Every year across sub-Saharan Africa, hundreds of thousands of boys and young men submit to initiation ceremonies [that include non-clinical circumcision]. … The human devastation left in the wake of these traditions is horrifying. … It may well be that the continent-wide circumcision campaign to prevent AIDS is a principle cause of the institutional silence on the issue. It seems likely that the WHO, UNAIDS, and similar bodies are reluctant to say or do anything that might undermine the drive. Leaving aside the ongoing epidemiological debate about the effectiveness of the strategy, it is self-evident that non-clinical circumcision can be actively harmful, leaving bleeding wounds or incomplete removal of the foreskin which can increase risks…” (8/25).