NIH Announces American Ebola Patient’s Condition Has Improved

The Guardian: American Ebola patient’s condition improves from ‘serious’ to ‘fair’
“The condition of an American health care worker who contracted Ebola while fighting the outbreak of the disease in Sierra Leone has improved significantly since he arrived in the U.S. earlier this month…” (Gambino, 3/30).

The Hill: Condition of U.S. Ebola patient upgraded to ‘fair’
“The U.S. health worker undergoing treatment for Ebola is continuing to make progress against the disease, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced Monday…” (Ferris, 3/30).

Reuters: U.S. Ebola patient’s status improved to fair from serious: NIH
“A U.S. patient in treatment for the Ebola virus at a National Institutes of Health facility in Maryland has improved to fair condition from serious, the NIH said on Monday…” (Stephenson, 3/30).