News Outlets Report On Issues Surrounding Ebola Vaccine Development

News outlets report on various issues surrounding the development and testing of Ebola vaccines.

Financial Times: Industry response to Ebola quickens (Ward, 10/23).
Forbes: Head of GSK Ebola Vaccine Research: “Can We Even Consider Doing A Trial?” (Munro, 10/23).
New York Times: Ebola Vaccine, Ready for Test, Sat on the Shelf (Grady, 10/23).
New York Times: Vaccine Trials for Ebola Are Planned in West Africa (Pollack, 10/23).
Reuters: Fixing ‘Ebolanomics’ in pursuit of vaccines and drugs (Kelland/Hirschler, 10/23).
ScienceInsider: Leaked documents reveal behind-the-scenes Ebola vaccine issues (Cohen/Kupferschmidt, 10/23).
Wall Street Journal: Study to Look at Blood Products From Ebola Survivors as Treatment (Loftus, 10/23).
Washington Post: As researchers develop Ebola vaccine, early human clinical trials show promise (Dennis, 10/23).