News Outlets Explore Various Aspects Of Zika Virus, Disease’s Spread In Americas

The Guardian: Zika virus could be bigger global health threat than Ebola, say health experts (McKie, 1/30).

Huffington Post: What The Ebola Crisis Can Teach Us About Responding To The Zika Outbreak (Alfred, 1/30).

New York Times: Microcephaly, Spotlighted by Zika Virus, Has Long Afflicted and Mystified (Saint Louis, 1/31).

New York Times: Tears and Bewilderment in Brazilian City Facing Zika Crisis (Romero, 1/29).

Reuters: Did Brazil, global health agencies fumble Zika response? (Prada et al., 1/30).

Wall Street Journal: The Brazilian Doctors Who Sounded the Alarm on Zika and Microcephaly (Johnson et al., 1/29).