News Magazines Examine Continuing Challenges Of Liberia’s Ebola Epidemic

The Atlantic: After Ebola
“…Now, about a year and a half after the peak of the outbreak, the vast assemblage of foreign disease experts and health care workers and crisis-response teams who finally helped contain [Ebola] has largely departed. But the virus keeps resurfacing. Ten flare-ups have been recorded in West Africa since Liberia was first declared Ebola-free, in May 2015. Three have occurred in Liberia itself. Like the dead, survivors of the initial epidemic number in the thousands. Experts believe the virus can be sexually transmitted for many months after symptoms abate…” (Parshley, July/August 2016).

Scientific American: From Liberia, Ebola Survivors Report They Are Still Afflicted with Disabling Symptoms
“Brain deficits and more torment many virus survivors in Liberia. The top suspects are hidden viral remnants and immune system overreactions…” (Yasmin, 7/1).