New York Times Features Articles, Video Profiling Struggles Of Brazilian Families Impacted By Zika

New York Times: For Brazil’s Zika Families, a Life of Struggle and Scares
“…Thirteen months after the World Health Organization declared Zika a global health emergency, some of the public alarm over the mosquito-borne virus that swept through Latin America is receding. In November, the WHO lifted its emergency designation, but Zika has hardly disappeared. Thousands of new Zika infections continue to be reported throughout Latin America, and WHO officials said that their action simply signals that, like malaria or yellow fever, Zika is a continuing threat in the region rather than an urgent pandemic. For families of Zika babies, however, the disastrous effects are only deepening. That is especially true in the impoverished cities and villages of northeastern Brazil, where the connection between the mysterious virus and infants born with tiny misshapen heads was first detected and where hundreds of families are struggling to give these babies the best lives possible…” (Belluck/Franco/Zehbrauskas, 3/11).

New York Times: A Zika Tale in a Favela
“At night, rats often scurry on top of the thin gray mattress where Maria de Fátima dos Santos and Paulo Rogério Cavalcanti de Araújo sleep with their two small children in a one-room house with a floor of dirt and concrete, and a green plastic basin for a toilet. In this achingly poor section of the Brazilian city of Recife, … the couple is struggling to raise a baby with disabilities caused by the Zika virus…” A video accompanies the article (Belluck/Franco, 3/11).