New Funding Model Will Help Global Fund Grow, Learn, Help More People

“At the Global Fund [to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria], we launched a new funding model this week that is built to capitalize on open interaction and information flow,” Global Fund Executive Director Mark Dybul writes in the Huffington Post’s “The Big Push” blog, adding, “With more open dialogue between cooperative partners, we can more effectively confront and ultimately defeat these terrible diseases.” He states, “The cornerstone of our new approach is continuous communication,” and it “also provides countries that implement grants with more flexibility around when they apply for funds, as well as more predictability on the level of funding that will be available.” He continues, “We are focused on helping accelerate current programs that are already highly effective, and can translate funding into human impact.”

“Maybe most important of all, our collective work can really improve our broader societies by helping those people who are most vulnerable — the people who often get marginalized and discriminated against,” Dybul writes. “The new funding model offers a special opportunity for countries and partners to learn and adapt,” he says, adding, “During this year, we will monitor various aspects of the new funding model process so that we can adapt in real time. We are a learning institution and we will gain insight and knowledge as we work together.” He concludes, “I know the new funding model will make a significant difference in the lives of millions of people who are affected by AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. As long as we all keep growing and learning, we can affect even more” (3/5).