More Medical Staff Needed To Stem West African Ebola Epidemic; Quarantines, Visa Bans Hurt Volunteer Recruitment, NGO Head Says

News outlets report on how more medical staff in West Africa might lower the Ebola mortality rate there and how quarantines for volunteers once they return home from the region could hurt volunteer recruitment.

New York Times: Better Staffing Seen as Crucial to Ebola Treatment in Africa
“…The [Ebola] survival gap can and should be narrowed, experts say, and they agreed that the single most important missing element is enough trained health workers to provide the kind of meticulous intensive care that saved [American Rick] Sacra and the others treated here [in the U.S.]. West Africa is starved of doctors, nurses, hospitals and equipment, so more outside help is urgently needed, they said…” (Grady, 10/31).

Agence France-Presse: Western nations mistreating Ebola ‘heroes’
“The head of a leading British charity hit out Sunday at western nations for quarantining health worker ‘heroes’ returning from Ebola-hit west Africa and refusing visas to people from the worst-hit countries. … Experts say quarantining medical professionals who have shown no symptoms of the virus is counter-productive and could deter other workers from helping contain West Africa’s Ebola crisis…” (Johnson, 11/2).