Missing Maps Organization Works To Document Remote Areas To Better Account For People, Deliver Services

Newsweek: Mapping poverty to save more than a billion lives in the world’s most remote slums
“…Globally, over a billion people are unaccounted for — literally not attached to a physical address in cartography or databases, which means they often don’t receive basic services. That number is growing; by 2020, there will be 1.5 billion people living in slums, the majority of whom are unmapped. Accounting for these people is important not just to better understand our world but also because there’s a direct link between people being not accounted for on maps and the risk of catastrophe for them — and, as the Ebola outbreak demonstrated, for the rest of us. … Over the past few years, Missing Maps has made much progress, but in many places satellite photos are either obscured or inaccurate…” (Parshley, 10/29).