MFAN Blog Post Lists 5 Criteria For State, USAID Redesign To Succeed At Country-Level

Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network: Five Criteria for Redesign to Succeed in the Field
Susan Reichle, president and chief operating officer at the International Youth Foundation, and Patrick Fine, chief executive officer at FHI360, outline “five key tests that must be met for [the State Department and USAID] redesign to succeed in the field.” The authors write, “First, reforms need to ensure there is one development leadership voice at the country level. … Second, reforms must be practical. … Third, it’s OK for a reform to be disruptive if the disruption leads to better use of resources, encourages innovation, and advances the mission of diplomacy and development. … Fourth, reforms need to improve our ability to achieve results. … Fifth, support our development professionals” (1/24).