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Local Partnerships, Implementation Of Antibiotic Treatments Vital To Eliminating Trachoma

Devex: Opinion: Eliminating trachoma means more than an end to blindness
Caroline Roan, vice president of corporate responsibility at Pfizer and president of the Pfizer Foundation, and Edridah Muheki Tukahebwa, assistant commissioner of health services for vector control tropical diseases and national coordinator of the NTD control program for the Uganda Ministry of Health

“…A number of challenges remain to achieve our shared goal of a trachoma-free world. … Despite these hurdles, we and the rest of the trachoma community remain confident that elimination is possible. Thanks to better disease mapping, today we know the regions still struggling with trachoma. We have local partnerships in place that can help us reach the remote communities where the disease still thrives. And with Pfizer’s donation recommitment, we know that trachoma partners will have an ample supply of antibiotics to implement the SAFE Strategy and eliminate the disease. A future without trachoma is within reach … [E]liminating NTDs such as trachoma is a foundational step in creating a more just, equitable world — one where [children] have an opportunity to live the healthiest, most productive, and most rewarding life possible” (6/14).