Let Girls Learn Programs In More Than 50 Countries Help Girls Access Education, Reach Full Potential

CNN: Michelle Obama: This issue is personal for me
Michelle Obama, first lady of the U.S.

“…[T]here are tens of millions of girls … in every corner of the globe who are not in school … [T]he Let Girls Learn initiative … [is] a global effort to give these girls the education they need to fulfill their potential and lift up their families, communities, and countries. … [O]ver the past year and a half, we’ve established partnerships with some of the world’s largest companies and organizations that are committing money, resources, and expertise. … The United States is investing over a billion dollars through new and ongoing efforts and running Let Girls Learn programs in more than 50 countries. … [M]any of these girls come from families struggling with poverty. Some endure dangerous commutes to and from school each day. Others face cultural pressures to drop out, marry young, and start having children of their own. … [O]n this year’s International Day of the Girl, I ask that you use yours to help these girls get the education they deserve. … I plan to keep working on their behalf, not just for the rest of my time as first lady, but for the rest of my life…” (10/11).