IPS Profiles Maternal Shelter In Kenya’s North Eastern Province

Inter Press Service profiles the Garissa Maternal Shelter in North Eastern Province, Kenya, “the only such facility in an area with the country’s highest maternal mortality rate.” The news service writes, “At 1,000 deaths per 100,000 live births, [the maternal mortality rate] is almost double the country’s average, [b]ut despite this, there are only seven women here in a facility that can accommodate 24.”

“The shelter is the only one in the province as the government is still assessing its sustainability,” IPS notes, adding, “Though this facility was founded in 2007 and is supported by the Kenyan government, the [UNFPA] has adopted it.” The news services examines possible reasons for the high mortality rate in the region and speaks with health care workers and patients at the shelter (Esipisu, 12/19).