Investments In Girls’ Education Will Help Improve Women’s Reproductive Health, Mitigate Climate Change

Brookings Institution: Promote girls’ reproductive rights in order to ensure equitable climate action
In this blog post, the second in a series related to a new paper on girls’ education and climate change, Christina Kwauk, postdoctoral fellow, and Amanda Braga, research analyst, both at the Brookings Center for Universal Education, discuss the role of girls’ education in addressing women’s reproductive health and climate change. They write, “The link between higher levels of schooling and lower rates of fertility for women shows that an investment in girls’ education is, indirectly, an investment in climate change mitigation by curbing population growth within the planet’s carrying capacity. … We must look toward a holistic, rights-based approach to girls’ and women’s reproductive health to safeguard not only the future of those girls and women, but also the future of our planet” (10/5).