Investing In Disadvantaged Children Can Improve Health Outcomes, Survival

Huffington Post: Giving Every Child a Fair Chance in Life Is a Defining Challenge For Our Generation
Carolyn S. Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children

“…All over the world, children’s chances of seeing their fifth birthday depend on where they are born, the wealth of their parents, and their ethnic identity — factors that, for them, are purely a matter of chance. New research released today by Save the Children reveals a story of fast but unequal progress in child survival. … The world’s most disadvantaged children are being left at the back of the line. If current trends continue, children drawing the shortest straw in this lottery of birth will continue to die from preventable causes for generations to come. Giving every child a fair chance in life is a defining challenge for our generation, and it must be tackled head-on…” (2/5).