Global Supply Chains Need Partnerships To Help Move World Toward Achieving SDGs

HuffPost: Global supply chains and the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals
David MacLennan, chair and chief executive officer of Cargill

“… If we are to achieve [the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)] in the next 13 years, it’s clear that more needs to be done. Specifically, we’ll have to find new ways of working together and combine our creative forces to build ‘a decent life for all on a sustainable planet,’ which is this year’s [U.N.] General Assembly theme. Cargill is committed to doing our part to help push the Global Goals forward. … Our main focus is on sourcing, making, and moving food around the world, and developing innovative ways to nourish people and the planet. … To maximize our impact we have to work with partners who complement our strengths. … I am optimistic that next week’s UNGA meetings will yield tangible outcomes and new creative ways that our global supply chains, connected with the insights and capabilities of our partners, will be a catalyst for faster, and even more meaningful progress” (9/14).