Global Health Experts Call For Greater Focus On Implementation Science, System Innovations During Skoll World Forum

Devex: A call for implementation science and systems innovation in global health
“…[Larry] Brilliant is chairman of the Skoll Global Threats Fund, to which philanthropist Jeff Skoll just announced he would give $50 million for a program focused on pandemics. Spanning smallpox, Ebola, polio, and threats that may be looming, his Ending Pandemics session at the Skoll World Forum made the case for strong health systems that provide not just for today but for the unknown and unusual threats we may face tomorrow. … [E]xperts tell Devex that pilots cannot turn into progress without implementation science, which examines why some of those innovations that work in the lab fail in the field. … This World Malaria Day and World Immunization Week fall during a time where much of the world seems to be turning inward, even as the global health community increasingly realizes the need to collaborate across borders and sectors to achieve progress, experts told Devex” (Cheney, 4/25).