Global Health Community Provides Commentary, Situation Reports On Coronavirus

BMJ Opinion: Coronavirus — knowledge is the antidote to fear
Julian Sheather, ethics manager at BMA, discusses the importance of knowledge and research as a first-line response to disease outbreaks, writing, “The outbreak of a serious infectious disease is not just a biomedical event. It affects people and their communities. … Overwhelmingly it is a human event. And for me the overriding message … is that responders who ignore these dimensions of a global health emergency imperil their response” (1/29).

ONE: Coronavirus proves why we need to invest in global health programs
Jenny Ottenhoff, policy director for global health and education at the ONE Campaign, discusses the importance of investing in global health programs, writing, “As coronavirus spreads, we’re reminded that global health security is only as strong as its weakest link. Failing to build up strong and efficient health systems around the world reduces our capacity to respond to diseases as swiftly and effectively as possible — which, in today’s hyper connected world, ultimately increases the risk to people everywhere” (1/28).

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s “Center for Health Security”: Situation Reports: CoV-2019
This page provides updates on the emerging novel coronavirus from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (January 2020).