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Global Health Community Can Use SDG Framework To Monitor, Hold Leaders Accountable

The Lancet: What will Donald Trump’s presidency mean for health? A scorecard
Martin McKee, professor in the Department of Public Health and Policy at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; Scott L. Greer, associate professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health; David Stuckler, professor at the University of Oxford

“…While the actual policies [U.S. President Trump’s] administration will pursue — and the priority he will place on each of them — remain in many ways uncertain, both his statements and his nominations for key government posts suggest that his presidency could have profound implications for health. … We propose criteria on which the global health community can judge the success or failure of a Trump presidency, based on a selection of the 17 [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)] that apply to health. … We assessed these goals to develop a scorecard … that can form the basis of a system to monitor and hold accountable global health leaders. … We do not see this scorecard as being definitive, and indeed it cannot be until there is greater certainty about what policies will be pursued, but we offer it as a basis for further discussion. … Public health professionals have several responsibilities over the coming months and years. One is to monitor and hold accountable leaders for their actions. The SDG framework is a good place to start…” (2/18).