Global Community Must Act Before Famine Declared In Somalia

Huffington Post: Warning Signs of Another Famine, Lessons to Be Learned From the Past
Shukri Harbi, founder of Miles for Water

“…Without urgent aid the future of those who’ve survived [Somalia’s 2011 famine] remains bleak. Recently, in a joint NGO statement, including Oxfam and International Rescue Committee, it was reported that out of the required $933 million, only 12 percent of Somalia’s annual humanitarian needs had been funded. … Fifty-two aid agencies in Somalia warn that Somalia is at risk of another famine. In their statement they reported that conflict (Al-Shabaab militants) and low rainfall could trigger another famine. Now, without proper funding, 2.9 million lives are at risk of dying, displacement, and catching infectious diseases. The United Nations cannot idly stand by and allow another humanitarian catastrophe to occur as they wait for the criteria for famine to met…” (7/28).