GAO Report Examines U.S. Global Health Funding Subject To Expanded Mexico City Policy, Including NGO-Declined Funding

Government Accountability Office: Global Health Assistance: Awardees’ Declinations of U.S. Planned Funding Due to Abortion-Related Restrictions
“In 2017, the U.S. government reinstated and expanded a policy that requires foreign nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to agree not to perform or promote abortion as a condition for receiving U.S. global health assistance. This assistance supports family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, and other health areas. We found 54 instances in which NGOs did not accept this policy, resulting in about $150 million in declined funding. The policy applied to over 1,300 global health projects as of September 2018, with an estimated $12 billion in planned U.S. assistance.” This GAO report analyzes data provided by U.S. agencies of awards subject to the Mexico City policy and awards in which NGOs declined to accept the terms and conditions of the policy (3/18).