France To Mobilize G7 Nations To Improve Access To Medicines, Promote Innovation To Bolster Global Health Security

The Lancet: Towards a global agenda on health security
François Hollande, president of France

“…[The] right to health is a matter of urgency. … The interdependencies [of disease outbreaks] on a global scale amplify the unpredictability and the volatility of the threat, while these epidemics accentuate poverty and inequalities. … France, on behalf of its core values, will continue to be at the forefront of the fight. … A long-standing political willingness is necessary to reverse the global burden of disease. … France is determined to fight against the prohibitive price of certain new drugs, all while promoting innovation. France has therefore taken the initiative to mobilize the G7: for the first time this year, a meeting of the Health Ministers of the seven richest countries of the world should initiate a dialogue and coordination among the regulatory authorities, the pharmaceutical industry, and patients. This action will be accompanied by a resolution to ensure effective access to care for patients. … I now call for the international community to take on its responsibilities. … Our commitment to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030 is at stake; as is the cohesion of the international community at a time when health risks represent one of the major threats to peace and security” (5/1).