Framework Convention On Global Health Could Provide National, Global Health Equity With Proper Leadership

Health Affairs Blog: The Framework Convention On Global Health: A Call For Leadership From The Global Health Trio
Eric A. Friedman, project leader of the Platform for a Framework Convention on Global Health, and Lawrence O. Gostin, professor and faculty director, both at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University, highlight their recently published opinion piece in Health Affairs examining leadership transitions at the “global health trio” of the WHO, the U.N., and the World Bank. They discuss the proposed Framework Convention on Global Health, “a global treaty grounded in the right to health and aimed at national and global health equity” that would “establish national and global health systems that do not cater primarily to those who hold the most power in society, but are truly the people-centered systems to which the global health trio and states have affirmed their support” (1/12).