Ethiopia Hosts Largest Number Of Refugees In Africa; U.N. Camp Conditions Inhumane, MSF Says

The Guardian reports on the refugee crisis due to conflict in South Sudan, including Ethiopia’s soaring refugee population and allegedly inhumane U.N. camp conditions.

The Guardian: Ethiopia hosts largest number of refugees in Africa
“Ethiopia has overtaken Kenya to become Africa’s largest refugee-hosting country after hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese arrived in the country this year. The total refugee population has reached almost 630,000, raising concerns that its capacity to help displaced people may be overstretched…” (Anderson, 8/20).

The Guardian: Conditions at U.N.’s South Sudan camp inhumane, says MSF
“The 40,000 people sheltering from South Sudan’s civil war in a flooded and crowded U.N. camp are enduring conditions ‘barely compatible with life and incompatible with human dignity,’ and must be helped before disease and danger force them back into the conflict zone, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has warned…” (Jones, 8/21).