Editorial, Opinion Pieces Address Various Aspects Of Ebola Epidemic

New York Times: The Shifting Ebola Epidemic
Editorial Board

“Recent gains in controlling the Ebola epidemic in West Africa have been encouraging, but they offer no reason for complacency. … Given the changing shape of the epidemic, United Nations and American officials are considering a more nimble response that would deploy smaller, more geographically dispersed treatment centers, rather than complete all of the large treatment units that were planned. Some nonprofit groups recommend sending rapid-response teams by helicopter to remote villages. As the outbreak moves, international assistance must keep up with shifting needs” (11/15).

New York Times: Ebola and the Lost Children of Sierra Leone
Chernor Bah, former refugee from the civil war in Sierra Leone, youth advocate for the Global Partnership for Education, and a co-founder of A World at School

Washington Post: The Ebola outbreak generated greater response from Republican lawmakers
Lindsey Cormack, visiting assistant professor at Stevens Institute of Technology

The Hill: The missing element in the fight against Ebola
Rev. Jennifer Crumpton, minister in New York City, affiliated with Park Avenue Christian Church

GlobalPost: Lessons from Ebola: Health care in Africa needs a PEPFAR-like approach
Richard Marlink, professor at Harvard School of Public Health and executive director of Harvard’s AIDS Initiative