Editorial, Opinion Piece Address MCH Issues Raised By Recent Summit

The following editorial and opinion piece address issues raised by the recent Saving Every Mother Every Child summit.

Globe and Mail: Don’t try to separate abortion from maternal health
“Prime Minister Stephen Harper has positioned Canada as a world leader in improving the health of mothers and children in developing countries. … But there is one component of maternal health that Mr. Harper does not want to discuss at all: abortion. … Any meaningful definition of family planning includes access to safe and legal abortion. Ottawa’s commitment to child and maternal health should do so as well” (6/1).

Hill Times: Why Canada’s summit on maternal, child health’s a booster shot to a healthy future for children
Seth Berkley, CEO of the GAVI Alliance

“…Vaccines are a proven, sustainable approach to development, including maternal, newborn and child health. Just like children need boosters to ensure lasting immunity, Canada’s leadership emerging from the Summit on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health is our booster shot to ensure that all children have a fair start at a healthy life and contribute to their countries’ healthy future” (6/2).