Ebola Treatment Clinical Trials Face Hurdles As Number Of Patients Shrinks

ScienceInsider: ‘Positive’ results for Ebola drug upsets plans for trials
“…The Guinean government has already announced it wants to make [the experimental Ebola drug] favipiravir available to more people, and if the results hold up to greater scrutiny, they could force a change in the design of other clinical trials going forward. Meanwhile, the decline in new cases has investigators revamping or even canceling trials at a time when manufacturers finally have enough supplies to test some of the most promising experimental drugs…” (Kupferschmidt/Cohen, 2/10).

Washington Post: The search for an Ebola cure is gearing up — but there may be too few patients
“The race to find a cure for Ebola is heating up, with scientists launching experiments in West Africa that are among the most ambitious ever aimed at taming the devastating disease. But they are encountering an unexpected challenge: finding enough Ebola patients as the outbreak recedes…” (Brittain, 2/10).