Ebola Epidemic Reveals Food System Vulnerabilities In West Africa; More Than 1M People Could Face Hunger By March, U.N. Warns

New York Times: Agencies Warn of Hunger in Ebola Zone
“The Ebola outbreak ravaging West Africa could double the number of people facing hunger in the three worst-affected countries to more than one million by March, two United Nations agencies warned Wednesday. In a joint announcement, the World Food Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization said food shortages caused by crop losses in the three countries, Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, had been exacerbated by border closings, quarantines, hunting bans, and other restrictions…” (Gladstone, 12/17).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: U.N. warns 1 million people could be hungry by March due to Ebola
“… ‘The outbreak has revealed the vulnerability of current food production systems and value chains in the worst Ebola-affected countries,’ Bukar Tijani, the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) representative for Africa said in a statement…” (Arsenault, 12/17).

Wall Street Journal: People Affected by Hunger in West African Ebola Nations Could Double
“…[The number of people threatened by hunger in West Africa] could double over the next three months as workers continue to stay away from farmlands and food markets for fear of spreading the virus, the agencies said. … The agencies called for an urgent re-establishment of farming systems in the three countries to address the labor shortages…” (Bariyo, 12/17).