E.U. Should Lead On Global Health Research, Innovation

Euractiv: E.U. leaders — Making Europe the world leader on global health must be your legacy
Cecile Vernant, head of the E.U. office of Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung (DSW)

“…In 2018, the European Commission and E.U. leaders can [put] global health at the heart of the E.U.’s research agenda for the next decade. … Investing in global health as part of the E.U.’s next multiannual financial framework means making sure that global health [research and innovation (R&I)] secures the funding to develop the accessible and affordable medical solutions we need to put an end to tuberculosis and other diseases of poverty — like malaria and HIV & AIDS; committing to a dedicated and ambitiously funded R&I partnership instrument with sub-Saharan-Africa…; and ensuring that the E.U.’s research agenda for the next decade delivers on the Sustainable Development Goals … By supporting these key recommendations, European leaders would not only be answering the call for global health leadership this World TB Day, but they could also ensure that their legacy — and the legacy of the E.U.’s research agenda in the next decade — is one of millions of lives saved…” (3/23).