Donor Countries, Media Should Give Funding, Attention To All Crises Impacting DRC

Thomson Reuters Foundation: OPINION: DR Congo — too many crises for one country?
Maureen Philippon, Democratic Republic of Congo country director with the Norwegian Refugee Council

“Ebola is the one topic that makes headlines from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but it is unfortunately only one among several crises affecting the Congolese people. In two very recent reports, DR Congo has come a close second after the widely acknowledged critical humanitarian crises in Syria and Yemen. … While we applaud the mobilization of funding and the media focus on the Ebola epidemic, we must continue to plea that the needs of all Congolese people are given equal attention. The humanitarian actors, the donors and the media cannot close their eyes to the suffering of a large group of people just because they are victims of the ‘wrong’ crisis. … Donor countries must also scale up support for food, nutrition, education, and sanitation projects, areas that are essential for people’s survival” (9/19).