Devex Opinion Pieces Discuss Access To Health For All

Devex: UHC: Our best defense against crises, and an investment in our future
Michael Myers, managing director at the Rockefeller Foundation

“…It’s essential that countries shore up their health systems to detect and contain diseases before they become epidemics that threaten communities, nations, and entire regions. Health systems need to be resilient so that when disease threatens to overwhelm them, they can adjust and bend, but not break. … Strong health systems must be founded on equity, and universal health coverage is a proven way to ensure all people can access the health services they need without fear of falling deeper into poverty. … Country governments and international partners must recognize that universal health coverage is a smart investment that will both improve the lives of people on a daily basis and protect from health shocks down the line…” (4/16).

Devex: Health can tackle (and measure) inequities
Tim Roosen, coordinator of Action for Global Health

“…Europe has a unique opportunity to be bold, rethink structures, and shape the future of health. As the largest donor worldwide with extensive expertise in the field of ‘global health,’ but most of all using a ‘richesse’ of diverse health models that are anchored in human rights, the E.U. can shape a sustainable development goal for health that reaches everyone: a health goal that tackles inequity. … Health is a basic human right. As Europeans, we have the means and expertise needed to assist other governments and stakeholders to ensure affordable, accessible, and qualitative health care is provided. Even better, we have a commitment to ensure everyone, everywhere can claim that right, either individually or collectively” (4/15).