Devex Examines Global Emergence Of Zoonotic Infectious Disease Threats

Devex: The shifting face of pandemic threats
“…Around 70 percent of all infectious diseases are zoonotic, moving from animals — usually livestock — to humans, through either contact or the consumption of animal products and by-products. … ‘And yet only 4.5 percent of development money, of aid, goes to agriculture,’ Carel du Marchie Sarvaas, executive director of the International Federation for Animal Health — the global trade association for leading animal pharmaceutical health companies — told Devex. … [A]id donors and investors are beginning to pick up the pace, but Delia Grace, joint program manager of animal and human health at [the] International Livestock Research Institute told Devex that a concerted effort to monitor, prevent, and contain infectious disease isn’t really materializing — despite the widely accepted threat posed by zoonotic-borne disease…” (Anders, 11/13).