COVID-19 Pandemic Impacting Efforts To Achieve SDGs; Food Insecurity, Lack Of WASH Access Threaten Poor Communities

The BMJ: Covid-19 pandemic has derailed progress on Sustainable Development Goals, says WHO
“The rate of progress towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals is too slow and is being further ‘thrown off track’ by the covid-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization has said…” (Thornton, 5/14).

IPS: Stay Home? Wash Hands? But 1.8 Billion Remain Homeless & 3.0 Billion Have No Access to Water
“The relentless battle against the devastating coronavirus pandemic has been underlined by several widespread advisories from health experts — STAY HOME. WASH YOUR HANDS. WEAR MASK. KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCE. But the U.K.-based WaterAid and U.N. Habitat in Nairobi point out the paradox in at least two of the warnings: a staggering 3.0 billion people worldwide have no water to wash their hands and over 1.8 billion people have no adequate shelter — or homes to go to…” (Deen, 5/14).

Washington Post: Hunger could be more deadly than coronavirus in poorer countries
“The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic may prove more devastating than the disease itself for the world’s poorest countries as the global economy hurtles into recession, people lose jobs by the hundreds of millions, and the risk of hunger grows, U.N. officials and aid experts fear…” (Sly/Mahfouz, 5/14).