Congress Must End Stalemate Over Zika Funding, Take Action Against Virus

Boston Globe: Zika toll mounts as Congress dithers
Editorial Board

“…[T]he stalemate in Congress over a $1.1 billion plan to fight the Zika virus is hard to fathom, even in a hyper-partisan era. It not only puts lives at risk, but courts deep skepticism about whether our government can live up to a core principle: tending to public health. … Congress must work out a bipartisan compromise before the start of the new fiscal year in October. … Zika prevention should not be a privilege reserved only for the wealthy; protecting the health of a city, state, or country’s population is an essential function of government, whether it involves protection from drunk drivers or mobilizing against an epidemic. As the social costs of Zika climb, the partisan bickering in Washington amounts to congressional malpractice” (9/11).