Blog Describes Status Of Two Experimental TB Drugs

The Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks” blog reports on the status of two experimental drugs to treat tuberculosis. “On Friday, the European Medicines Agency issued a statement refusing authorization to market [the experimental drug] delamanid for treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis, saying the benefits of delamanid ‘had not been sufficiently shown’ [in clinical trials] and ‘did not outweigh its risks,'” the blog notes. The Treatment Action Group (TAG) “responded to the agency’s decision with a statement calling it ‘myopic and deeply disappointing,'” the blog adds. “[E]arlier this month the Maryland-based pharmaceutical company Sequella announced that it had acquired rights to develop the lagging [experimental TB treatment] sutezolid from Pfizer, which had scaled back its work on drugs for infectious diseases,” the blog writes (Barton, 7/29).