As International Family Planning Conference Concludes, Focus On Youth Should Continue

“This year’s International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) saw the largest youth delegation in its history,” Ward Cates, president emeritus with FHI 360, Joy Cunningham, a technical adviser with FHI 360, and Kate Plourde, a technical officer with the organization, write in the Huffington Post’s “Impact” blog. “At the conference, youth participants developed a call for action on young people and family planning, highlighting the importance of comprehensive sexuality education, improving accessibility and reducing barriers, increasing meaningful engagement and youth participation, and ensuring the provision of youth-friendly services,” they note, adding, “This landmark document not only highlights the importance of renewed energy and commitment to reducing adolescent pregnancy, but also demonstrates the importance of involving young people as catalysts for change.” They conclude, “Now that the conference has drawn to a close, let’s work to ensure that the international attention on youth remains strong and results in real action to improve the lives of young people” (11/19).