Ambitious Targets, Common Vision Needed To End Malnutrition

Huffington Post: Development Goals Must Adapt to New Nutrition Challenges
Marc Van Ameringen, executive director of Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

“…One of the areas that the MDG’s largely overlooked was nutrition. Yet, good nutrition underpins the achievement of almost every development goal — from reducing child mortality and boosting maternal health, to lifting people out of poverty by enabling them to attend school and earn a living. … We can eliminate malnutrition. And, I believe that it’s possible to do so by 2030. Ambitious targets and a common vision are a great start. But, to fix the food system we need a framework that drives stakeholders to work together, regardless of their differences. In the post-2015 world all actors must play their part if we are to reach the goal of ending malnutrition within our lifetimes” (8/18).