Alma-Ata 40 Roundtable Members Discuss Lessons From Declaration, Implementation Of Astana To Reach Primary Health Care For All

Health Affairs Blog: Implementing The Astana Declaration — What Alma-Ata Taught Us
Members of the Alma-Ata 40 Roundtable, a group of policymakers and scholars who in September assessed the impact and current relevance of the 1978 Alma-Ata Declaration, discuss the recent Global Conference on Primary Health Care, which reconfirmed “the world’s commitment to comprehensive primary health care as the keystone of universal health coverage” in the Astana Declaration. The authors write, “Today, recognizing how the ideals declared in Alma-Ata drove effective action, and understanding the ‘best practices’ that are available to continue those advances, are crucial to the coming work of transforming the Astana declaration into better health for all…” (10/25).