87M Children Under Age 7 Risk Brain Development Impairment Growing Up In Conflict Zones, UNICEF Says

News outlets report on new data from UNICEF showing millions of children could be suffering brain development impairment by growing up in conflict zones.

Daily Beast: Growing Up in a War Zone Permanently Damages Kids’ Brains
“…You don’t have to be fighting in a war to suffer irrevocable brain damage from one. That’s the finding from a new United Nations report released this week showing that an estimated 87 million children under the age of seven have lived their entire lives in conflict zones, an environment so stressful that it has the potential to significantly impact the development of their brains…” (Haglage, 3/24).

Deutsche Welle: Nearly 87 million small children are growing up in conflict zones, says UNICEF
“…Children in crises were at risk of living in a state of ‘toxic stress’ which inhibited brain cell connections, the U.N.’s children’s fund said…” (3/24).

International Business Times: Conflict Zone Children At Risk Of Toxic Stress, Stunted Brain Development, UNICEF Warns
“… ‘Conflict robs children of their safety, family and friends, play and routine,’ Pia Britto, UNICEF Chief of Early Childhood Development, said in a statement…” (Sonawane, 3/24).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Nearly 87 million children under 7 live in conflict zones, brains not developing — UNICEF
“…Exposure to extreme trauma may hinder the development of brain cell connections, essential for health, emotional wellbeing, and ability to learn, UNICEF said…” (Mis, 2/24).