4 Reasons Why Mexico City Policy Will Potentially Harm Women, Girls, Global Community

Mic: Here are 4 reasons Trump’s ‘global gag rule’ on abortion will be a disaster
Jennifer Redner, senior policy adviser, and Harry Samuels, government affairs associate, both at the American Jewish World Service

“…The newest iteration of [the Mexico City policy] shackles U.S. foreign aid to religious and ideological requirements that undermine evidence-based public health interventions and broader human rights. … [The provisions] also undermine the national interest of the U.S. in promoting healthy, stable, and prosperous societies. … Here are four reasons the global gag rule will harm women, girls, and communities around the world: To state the obvious, less abortion information and care will be available because of the global gag rule. … The global gag rule will have a chilling effect on health care providers who offer contraception and family planning services. … The new global gag rule will likely have consequences beyond the realm of family planning and reproductive health. … The global gag rule renders U.S. investments in promoting global health and protecting human rights less effective. … For these four reasons, this new sweeping Trump administration version of the global gag rule will have far-reaching and devastating effects on people and communities around the world. … We need to make our voices heard, fight this radical attack on human rights, and protect the U.S. national interest by upholding the core principles of our foreign policy” (2/27).