In Focus: Immigrant Families, Including Immigrants Lawfully in the U.S. and Those Who Are Undocumented, Report Rising Fear and Anxiety Affecting Their Daily Lives and Health

With the Trump administration pursuing new restrictions on immigration and increased immigration enforcement, the political and social climate for immigrant families has changed substantially over the last year. A new Kaiser Family Foundation report based on focus groups with immigrant families and interviews with pediatricians finds that immigrants from a variety of backgrounds report rising fear and anxiety that is affecting their daily lives and routines as well as the health of their children, who are predominantly U.S.-born citizens.

The new report, Living in an Immigrant Family in America: How Fear and Toxic Stress Are Affecting Daily Life, Well-Being, & Health, is based on focus groups conducted in 5 languages with 100 parents in immigrant families from 15 countries, as well as telephone interviews with 13 pediatricians who serve immigrant communities. Focus groups were conducted in eight cities and four states: Chicago, Illinois, Boston, Massachusetts; and Anaheim, Fresno, Los Angeles, Oakland and San Diego, California.

Among the key takeaways from the focus groups:

A panel of experts discussed the report today at a public briefing held by KFF at its Washington, D.C. offices. An archived webcast of the briefing, as well as copies of presentation slides and other materials, will be available on later today.


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