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Heads Of Gates Foundation’s 3 Global Programmatic Areas Answer ‘Tough’ Questions On Development

Devex: Opinion: The global development community asks tough questions. Here are the answers.
Chris Elias, president of Global Development; Rodger Voorhies, executive director of Global Growth & Opportunity; and Trevor Mundel, president of Global Health; all at the Gates Foundation

“Last week, Bill and Melinda Gates released their 10th annual letter, focused on the 10 toughest questions they receive in their work. To mark the occasion, the heads of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s three global programmatic areas — Global Development, Global Growth & Opportunity, and Global Health — answer the toughest questions they are asked. Here they are: Trevor Mundel, president of Global Health: Why don’t you invest more in fighting noncommunicable diseases? … Rodger Voorhies, Executive Director, Global Growth & Opportunity: Why does a foundation like yours engage with the private sector? Markets aren’t designed to serve the most marginalized. … Chris Elias, President, Global Development: Do you have too much influence over the World Health Organization?…” (2/19).