‘Pro-Choice Policies’ Decrease Unsafe Abortions, Prevent Deaths Among Women

The Guardian: Want to lower the abortion rate? Support pro-choice policies
Jill Filipovic, blogger at Feministe

“Want to lower the abortion rate and prevent maternal deaths worldwide? Support pro-choice policies. That’s the takeaway from a new report from the Guttmacher Institute, which looks at abortion around the world. … We know safe, legal abortion decreases abortion-related deaths. We know widespread access to contraception, and especially reliable long-acting methods like the IUD, decreases unintended pregnancies and in turn abortions. … The global numbers on abortion tell a clear story of progress and feminist gains. But we’re not nearly as far as we could be — only because those who claim to value ‘life’ are compromising women’s lives for their own ideological aims” (3/24).