Planetary Health Alliance, Lancet Call For Planetary Health Case Studies

The Lancet: A call for planetary health case studies
Sara B. Stone, planetary health education fellow; Amalia A. Almada, senior program manager; and Samuel S. Myers, director, Planetary Health Alliance

“The Planetary Health Alliance and The Lancet invite researchers, educators, and decision makers to submit real-world examples of planetary health in action for further development into case studies. We seek examples that show how human disruptions of natural systems (e.g., the climate system, specific ecosystems, not solely unaltered ecosystems) can lead to increased burden of disease and show how a better understanding of these connections can lead to interventions or policies with positive health outcomes. … Case studies in planetary health are an urgent priority to illustrate integrated approaches for optimizing human health in the face of global environmental change and exemplify the complex, systems-thinking and solutions-oriented nature of planetary health…” (11/4).