HHS Secretary Burwell Discusses U.S. Zika Response, Funding At Forum; Kaiser Health News Examines How Funding Will Help Address Epidemic In U.S., Abroad

The Atlantic: What Happened While America Waited for Zika Funding
“… ‘Did [the Zika funding] delay cause harm? Did that set you back?’ Jonathan Karl, ABC News’s chief White House correspondent, asked the secretary of Health and Human Services, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, on Thursday at the Washington Ideas Forum, an event produced by The Aspen Institute and The Atlantic. ‘In a number of things, it did,’ Burwell said. ‘We had to make decisions that were not what I would like…’ ‘I think most people don’t realize that in the U.S., including our territories, Puerto Rico mainly: 23,000 cases of Zika already,’ Burwell said…” (Beck, 9/29).

Kaiser Health News: Congress Finally Approves Funding To Fight Zika — But What Does This Mean?
“After months of bickering, Congress agreed Wednesday to allocate $1.1 billion toward curbing the spread of the Zika virus, a primarily mosquito-borne disease that has raised public health alarms. … So what exactly has Congress done? And, from a public health standpoint, how much will it help? Here is a breakdown of what you need to know…” (Luthra, 9/29).