Gender Inequality Inhibits Women’s Sexual, Reproductive Rights, UNFPA Report Says

VOA News: Report: Gender Inequality Robs Women of Sexual, Reproductive Rights
“A new report finds gender inequality strips women of their ability to control their sexual and reproductive options and limits their right to choose when and if they wish to start a family. The United Nations Population Fund released this year’s State of the World Population report titled ‘Unfinished Business: The Pursuit of Rights and Choices for All.’ … Director of UNFPA in Geneva, Monica Ferro, says gender inequality is often used to control women’s sexuality and reproduction…” (Schlein, 4/10).

U.N. News: More than four in 10 women, live in fear of refusing partner’s sexual demands, new U.N. global study finds
“More than four in 10 women in 51 countries surveyed feel they have no choice but to agree to their partner’s sexual demands, the U.N. sexual and reproductive health agency, UNFPA, said on Wednesday, noting that they are also unable to make basic decisions about getting pregnant and accessing health care for themselves. … The findings, relating to women aged 15-49, are being published for the first time, as part of UNFPA’s State of World Population 2019 report…” (4/10).