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Cross-Collaboration Could Help Advance Progress Against Drug Resistance

Science Signaling: A call to arms: Unifying the fight against resistance
Editorial Board

“…Rather than respond to the consequences of [antibiotic drug] resistance, perhaps shared strategies to avoid resistance can be developed if agriculture and medicine worked together. … The Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Drug Resistance met in July 2018 with the goal of bringing together scientists, clinicians, and regulators from agriculture, infectious disease, and cancer to share experiences and insights. Common themes were readily apparent among the questions each field is asking with respect to the evolution of resistance, the role of population heterogeneity, the use of multi-agent combinations, and the design of  ’resistance-resistant’ drugs, pesticides, and herbicides. … The drug resistance landscape is in flux, with academic and industry partners moving in and out of the space, with ever-evolving pathogens and cells, and with the emergence of new tools to study and combat disease. For this reason, it is critical to reevaluate where we stand on a regular basis. We look forward to these reflections and the opportunity to explore new ways to cross-collaborate toward common goals when we meet again in 2020 and points in between” (10/23).