Pharmaceutical Companies Can Contribute To Improving Maternal, Reproductive Health

The Guardian: Are pharma giants living up to big promises on development?
Damiano de Felice, strategic adviser to the CEO of the Access to Medicine Foundation, and Jayasree K. Iyer, the foundation’s chief scientific officer

“…The [Access to Medicine] Foundation’s latest report maps how the [pharmaceutical] companies it tracks are responding to global calls for action on MDG5, which sets targets for reducing deaths during pregnancy and childbirth and for increasing access to contraception and safe abortion. … The report maps the landscape of company activity, making a number of interesting findings. … [B]roadly, the report shows that pharmaceutical companies can respond proactively to global targets and priorities — and the areas it covers can act as a baseline for monitoring whether companies are working to improve access to maternal and reproductive health. … As we head into the era of the SDGs, rigorous monitoring and benchmarking of pharmaceutical companies will be crucial for identifying what works in the long-term and what needs to be adapted” (7/22).