Brookings Experts Discuss Preliminary Findings Of Analysis Examining SDG Financing Landscape

Brookings Institution’s “Future Development”: How much does the world spend on the Sustainable Development Goals?
Homi Kharas, interim vice president and director, and John McArthur, senior fellow, both for Global Economy and Development at the Brookings Institution, summarize preliminary findings of an analysis examining “how much the world’s governments are already spending on SDG-related issues every year, how spending varies across income levels, and how the spending patterns link to country-by-country estimates of needs.” Kharas and McArthur highlight 5 findings in particular: “1. Global public sector SDG spending is already more than $20 trillion per year … 2. SDG spending rises proportionately with GDP per capita … 3. Minimum SDG spending needs are approximately $300 per capita … 4. Financing gaps vary by income level and by country … 5. [There are three] substantial opportunities to fill the financing gap” (7/29).